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What type of heating do your Whangarei furnished rentals have?

Whangarei Accommodation has installed Dimplex panel heaters in all rental apartments at the Avenues and Eleven Donald Street.

These top quality panel heaters have been carefully selected by Whangarei Accommodation to efficiently heat the entire living area of these immaculate rental properties. They provide the best combination of quick, quiet and cost-effective heating to provide comfort and warmth. They are made in Norway by Dimplex, who have over 100 years of electrical manufacturing experience.

Benefits to tenants include:

low-costLow running costs
The rapid cycling of the electronic thermostat means the heating element is only energised for short periods which results in significant savings in energy consumption.

fast-warmFast warm up
Up to 4 times faster room heat up than other panel heaters.

thermostatConstant room temperature
The highly efficient thermostat with accurate temperature setting capabilities saves power while sampling the air temperature every 40 seconds to give you complete comfort.

quiet-operationSilent operation
No more disturbing background noise – these panel heaters have a silent electronic thermostat with no noisy fan. Ideal for night-time operation or while you’re watching TV.

If you are looking for a warm, comfortable furnished rental property conveniently located near central Whangarei and all its amenities, then see more details here.  Whangarei Accommodation’s rental apartments are secure with off street parking behind electronically controlled gates.