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Do Whangarei rental apartments have fibre optics broadband?

Whangarei accommodation-fibre optics connectionsYes, fibre optics connections are available to each apartment at the Avenues, Whangarei accommodation.

We know you’re  expecting a lot more  from your Internet than ever before. If you want to move large files through cyberspace quickly and easily, or video Skype with friends and family, or game without the lag, fibre is what you need. The connections even offer a digital phone line. In this interconnected world we’re improving service for our tenants at the Avenues Apartments by delivering data connections direct to each apartment using fibre optic cable. Ultracom broadband servicesThis provides the best performance, dedicated, high speed internet connections available.  You get increased interactivity and can access a multitude of digital information with faster upload and download speed for pictures, video, audio and games.

uber-group-logoThere are a couple of local internet service providers who supply packages where you can choose from a range of data caps and speeds, and combine data and digital phone lines using the fibre optics connection. We don’t endorse either of these providers but suggest you click on an icon to check them out for yourself and see which one offers the best deal for your needs.