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What security is provided at Whangarei accommodation rental properties?

If you are looking for both security and convenience in your living arrangements then check out the Whangarei rental properties at the Avenues in central Whangarei and Eleven Donald Street in the Regent.  At Whangarei accommodation we get a lot of positive feedback from our tenants about how these secure gated communities give them peace of mind.

Both the Avenues and Eleven Donald Street complexes offer apartment security and safe parking behind electronic security gates. The gates are operated by remote control for ease of operation. You can open the gates without getting out of your vehicle or leaving your apartment.  This is one of the features that make these rental apartments so popular along with the location close to town and modern clean furnishings.

There is high demand for these Whangarei furnished apartments for rent, but you can check here for any vacancies, or sign up (see sidebar at right) to be notified when Whangarei furnished apartments become available at either the Avenues or Eleven Donald Street.